Professor Robert Winston urges UK Government to protect science

3 July 2015        

Professor Robert Winston

Eminent scientist Professor Lord Winston, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London, has come out in support of our call for the Government to commit to continue funding science in the UK.

The last UK Government committed to protecting the science budget until April 2016. However, the Government’s spend on science as a percentage of GDP has been steadily dropping. It is now less than other countries like Germany, France, Italy, Russia and the USA. 

With no guarantee of what the new Government will spend on science past 2016, future investment in UK science could be at risk.

Who pays for medical research in the UK?

Medical research charities are the leading funder of life sciences research in the UK and have funded research that has improved patient care worldwide. For example, at the BHF we fund around £100 million of crucial heart research every year, but we can’t help scientists deliver world class research if the universities are not properly funded by the Government. 

By providing the funding for essential science facilities, the UK Government can ensure that the donations we receive from the public are used to support the scientists searching for life saving treatments, instead of things like heating and lighting. 

The UK Government has a moral responsibility to protect medical research.

Professor Robert Winston
Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London

Professor Robert Winston, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London said: “In over 40 years of my career in research, the UK has been at the forefront of cutting edge medical science. Government funding is vital if this is to continue.” 

“The UK Government has a moral responsibility to protect medical research today to ensure we have life saving treatments tomorrow.” 

Our Medical Director, Professor Peter Weissberg said: “If we are to continue making medical breakthroughs and developing better treatments, then the new Government must continue to fund the day-to-day running of research facilities.

“Charities are a vital part of the UK medical research environment, but we cannot do it alone. If the UK is to remain a world leader in medical research it is essential that the new government guarantees the future of the science budget and commits to future increases.”

What can I do?

You can help by contacting your local MP by filling in the simple form our website to let them know that research matters to you.

Make sure the Government knows that you expect them to do their bit in the fight for every heartbeat.