Government delay implementation of social care cap until 2020

17 July 2015        

Doctors with an elderly lady

The Government have announced a delay in the introduction of the cap on care costs that was planned for April 2016.

In response to concerns from stakeholders and the Local Government Association, Care and Support Minister Alistair Burt announced that the implementation of the cap on social care costs will be delayed until April 2020.

Mike Hobday, our Director of Policy said: “We warmly welcome a decision to delay on the introduction of the cap on care costs until April 2020, and hope this will enable the Government to assess social care funding as a whole.

“We know that people living with cardiovascular disease have social care as well as health needs. We also know that social care is seriously under-funded, which has led to over half a million less people getting social care in 2015 than six years ago. 

“A sustainable solution must be sought. Sticking to a cap on care costs in 2016 would have been a slap-dash decision with severe detrimental effects.”