Eating wholegrains reduces deaths from cardiovascular disease, according to research

5 January 2015        

Bowl of muesli

Eating wholegrains can reduce your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to a study.

The research, published in JAMA, found that eating more wholegrains was associated with reduced mortality, especially deaths due to CVD, but not cancer deaths.

The large American study used data from 74,000 women and 44,000 men.

The authors estimated that every serving (28 grams per day) of wholegrains was associated with 9 per cent lower CVD mortality or 5 per cent lower total mortality.

Victoria Taylor, our Senior Dietitian, said: “This is an interesting study and reinforces existing dietary recommendations to eat more foods high in fibre.

“But this study didn’t look at what might be the cause of the link between eating wholegrains and reduced death rates for cardiovascular disease.

“People with a higher intake of wholegrains also tended to have a healthier overall lifestyle and diet so it might not be the wholegrains alone that are having the benefit in relation to cardiovascular disease.

“But at this time of year when we are all making resolutions to eat better, switching to wholegrain versions of bread, breakfast cereals, pasta and rice is a simple change to make.”