Local authorities have key role in tackling preventable poor health

20 February 2015        

Doctor and patient

Over 100,000 people could avoid an early death if local authorities in England tackle the causes of poor health, according to NICE.

The health standards body has published new guidelines for local government on ways to stop people developing life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and cancer. 

By doing more to address lifestyle issues such as smoking, obesity and physical activity, NICE believes that thousands of people could avoid a premature death or developing a debilitating health condition.

Mike Hobday, our Director of Policy, said: "Our lifestyles have a major influence on our risk of developing cardiovascular disease and many other chronic health conditions. And these guidelines are a stark reminder of how much more we need to do to stop people dying young or living in ill-health.

Action at a local area has a key role to play in this. Over the last six years our Hearty Lives programme has pioneered innovative community programmes that have improved the people's health in areas at highest risk of heart disease.

“Local authorities must take up the challenge highlighted here and implement programmes across schools, workplaces and care homes to help people live healthily at every stage of their life.