Give your heart to someone on Valentine Day

12 February 2015        

Organ donation

We’re supporting a campaign asking you to give your heart to someone on Valentine’s Day.

To Transplant and Beyond have created a website which allows people to send a Valentine’s e-card to a loved one and sign-up to the organ donation register.

In the UK, there are over 250 people waiting for a heart transplant. The demand for heart transplants has risen by 132% since 2005.

A heart transplant is the only effective treatment available for people with severe heart failure, when the condition cannot be treated effectively with medication.

Between 130 and 190 heart transplants are carried out in the UK every year. But many more could benefit if more donations were available.

The campaign is fronted by Stacie Pridden who needs a heart and lung transplant because she suffers from pulmonary hypertension.

Dr Mike Knapton, our Associate Medical Director said: “For most of us Valentine’s day is a day of romance and sharing a romantic dinner your partner. It is also traditional to send a card to someone you love. The Valentine Organ Donation Campaign is a great way to send a card and sign up to the UK Organ Donation Register. Stacie ‘s story eloquently describes how this is the most generous thing you could every do this Valentine’s Day. Watch the video."