Ban on smoking in cars with children moves forward

11 February 2015        

cigarettes in an ashtray

MPs have approved regulations on legislation to stop people smoking in cars when children are present.

The British Heart Foundation, along with other health charities and organisation, has campaigned for a ban to protect children from the health harms of breathing in tobacco smoke.

Research has shown that passive smoking increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease. The measure will come into force from the 1 October 2015.

Simon Gillespie, our Chief Executive, said: “This marks another step forward in efforts to protect children’s health from the dangers of tobacco. But it is not the end of the journey.

“Parliament will shortly vote on introducing standardised packaging – a key measure in helping to stop children from smoking. By ridding cigarette products of their distinctive designs we’ll reduce the appeal of this uniquely lethal product damaging the heart health of future generations.”