Our research in Edinburgh recognised with major award for improving heart patients’ lives

10 December 2015        

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BHF Professor David Newby

The University of Edinburgh has been awarded The Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education in recognition of 30 years of research into cardiovascular disease – much of it funded by us. 

There are around 7 million people living with cardiovascular disease in the UK. Last year, there were over 69,000 deaths caused by coronary heart disease, and over 6,800 in Scotland alone. However research we have funded, and continue to fund at the University of Edinburgh, has been celebrated for improving the lives of those with heart disease.

Research progress at Edinburgh

Over the last 30 years, the University of Edinburgh’s BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science has remained at the forefront of cardiovascular research, improving prevention and diagnosis of heart disease. 

BHF Professor David Newby (pictured) directs much of the research we currently fund in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh team’s achievements include:

  • Proving the link between air pollution and cardiovascular disease
  • Showing how high sensitivity troponin tests can improve heart attack diagnosis
  • Development of the largest ever multi-national heart attack trial (the GRACE programme) looking at over 102,000 patients, led by Professor Keith Fox
  • Assessed the safety of stents (RITA trial), which is now a standard treatment option for people who have had a heart attack or have narrowed arteries

Your donations and support have helped make this life saving progress possible.

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Award-winning research

The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education are awarded every two years for work at Universities which demonstrates excellence, innovation and impact. Professor Newby’s research as part of the University of Edinburgh was awarded one of this year’s Prizes, for ‘improving lives of patients with coronary heart disease’. 

Talking about his award, Professor Newby said: “We are all very delighted and proud that we have been awarded this prestigious prize. It is in recognition of sustained research achievement over the last 30 years, predominantly funded by the BHF.”

The prize will be awarded at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace in February. 

The future of cardiovascular research

Despite the honour of this prestigious award, the Edinburgh team still has exciting work in progress. Professor Newby and colleagues are using stem cells taken from patients’ own skin cells to develop new treatments for the repair of heart muscle following a heart attack. 

With the continued support of the public and our supporters, innovative research like this can continue. Find out more about our strategy for research over the next five years. 

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