Running all over heart disease

19 August 2015        

Cat Lee In June, Cat Lee, 24, headed to Southern France to run the Camino de Santiago trail which would take her from France across Northern Spain. Through this 1,000k challenge, Cat hoped to raise £1,000 for us in honour of her father.

Now back in the UK, Cat reflects on her unique fundraising challenge, which saw her run just under a marathon every day for 55 days.

The challenge

"I started the challenge with my mum, she was walking and I would run on a head. For the first four days she was with me, it felt really special and humbling. Then she left and that is when the challenge really started.

"For the next ten days I didn’t see anyone. The whole time I was out running I didn’t pass any other people, then I would arrive at my hostel and there was no one to talk to. I felt extremely isolated and started to question if I could actually finish this challenge.

"Fortunately I came across a group of people who were walking the trail so for a while I was travelling with them. We would set off together, I would run ahead and then we’d meet up again at the next hostel."

Running time

"In total I spent 55 days running, with ten days resting. I got tendinitis and sprained my ankle. I got lost a few times, one time running 12k off course before I realised. I was running between 30-40k each day and was out for about six to nine hours. In total I ran 1,135k.

"It was difficult, it pushed me to my limit both physically and mentally but the whole time I was reminded of my father and I knew that I wanted to complete this challenge to make him proud.

"I have successfully raised just under £2,000 for the BHF doubling my target, so I am really pleased."

Find your own challenge

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