Heart attacks kill 200 people of working age every week

25 August 2015        

Doctor examining a patient

New figures published today show nearly 10,000 people under 65 suffered a fatal heart attack last year – the equivalent of 200 deaths every week.

This comes as we launch a campaign to highlight how heart conditions, including heart attack, can suddenly devastate families across the country every day. 

Long way to go

A heart attack strikes someone every three minutes in the UK. Despite an improvement in survival rates, more research is needed to target the main cause of heart attack - coronary heart disease - which remains the UK’s single biggest killer.

Our Medical Director, Professor Peter Weissberg, said: “Through medical research, we’ve made great progress in saving the lives of people suffering from heart attacks. But we mustn’t be lulled into thinking we’ve solved the problem.

“Despite knowing about important risk factors, such as smoking, we still have no way to stop the furring of the arteries in coronary heart disease that is responsible for causing so many heart attacks, and this is a challenge that only research can provide the answer to.”

Help fight back

Our Chief Executive, Simon Gillespie, said: “Every week heart attacks devastate hundreds of families, by killing loved ones at an early age and leaving many others with debilitating heart conditions that make the rest of their life a daily struggle.

“The only way we can find new ways to prevent and treat heart attacks is by funding more research. Your donations will help us understand why so many people of working age are torn away from their families without warning and ultimately, save more lives.”

Find out more about our campaign and help us fight back with more research.