Rory Black will score goals for the British Heart Foundation

7 April 2015        

Rory Black - Football Rocks Tournement Rory Black, from indie-rock-n-roll band The Swiines, is organising a football tournament with chart-topping artist Jake Bugg at Notts County famous Meadow Lane on 16 May to help raise vital funds for our life saving research. 

The idea for Football Rocks came about while on tour with Jake Bugg. The musicians are all passionate about football and huge Notts County fans so decided it would be great to organise a tournament where they could enjoy their love for football and use it as an opportunity to raise money for two charities that are important to them. 

Fighting for every heartbeat

Rory said; "The British Heart Foundation is a particularly important cause to me because my auntie passed away last year at the age of 40 due to a rare heart condition that she didn't know she had. We have now discovered my uncle also has the same condition and is now receiving treatment. This was a wake up call and now all of us in our family are getting checked out. 

"I really wanted to raise awareness about heart disease and how it can affect anyone, even if you appear fit and healthy. This is why I wanted to support the BHF and help them continue the amazing work they do.  

"I am excited for the tournament to kick off, we have strong team and it think we stand a good chance of winning. However, all the bands involved are very competitive and some serious rivalry is already developing. We have some secret tactics up our sleeves but all the teams are making sure they get their training time in. We’re really hoping the fans enjoy the event and Football Rocks can become an annual event that will get bigger and better every year."

On the Day

There will be 10 teams playing on the day, comprised of 16 bands, that will be competing for the first ever Football Rocks Trophy. The bands enlisted so far include The Enemy, Saint Raymand and Reverand, to name a few. In addition to the big names from Nottingham’s music scene, there will be special guests including DJs, TV chefs and professional boxers. 

During the event, there will be opportunities for fans to purchase one off memorabilia that won’t be available anywhere else. 

All of the kits will also be auctioned off at the end of the event including a one off kit designed by Liam Gallagher’s clothing line, Pretty Green.