We’re calling for those approaching retirement to use their spare time to volunteer

14 April 2015        

Volunteering - Ray

Volunteering with us in your spare time is a great way to utilise your invaluable life skills and experience to help in our fight against heart disease.

Recent research conducted by Aegon shows that over a tenth (14%) of those approaching retirement associated it with boredom. We offer a wide range of opportunities to use the skills you've developed over your working careers to support our life saving research.

Make the most of your time

There are a wide variety of volunteering roles including volunteer drivers, merchandising of clothes, shoes and accessories to window dressing working behind the till, and supporting the administration work. 

Our volunteers are a range of ages and different backgrounds; it is a great way to meet new friends, to fill time in a really positive way and to become part of a team.   

Retire happy

Volunteering is also great for your well-being. A recent study found older people who volunteer are happier, feel less isolated and can have a better quality of life. 

We will find a role which best suits you and enables you to use the skills you have developed throughout your working life.

Volunteer with us

We appreciate every minute people can spare to volunteer and there are plenty of roles available to help you find a new challenge and meet new people.

Volunteer with us