Heart risk app named in Times ‘Top 10’ for health

28 October 2014        

Doctor and patient

An innovative ‘risk calculator’ launched earlier this year by leading heart organisations, including BHF has been named as one of Dr Mark Porters ‘Top 10 Health Websites.  

JBS 3, an app which uses your data to work out your odds of having a stroke or heart attack over the next decade, was said to be a ‘trustworthy favourite’ for doctors to recommend to their patients. 

The interactive tool shows the extra years of healthier life people could gain by implementing interventions. It aims to empower individuals and help patients understand the benefits of reducing their risk of CVD.

The innovative risk calculator was born out of recommendations made in March this year, suggesting that doctors should help patients prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) earlier in their life. 

This followed evidence which showed that early lifestyle interventions and, where necessary, drug treatment can modify disease evolution and the risk of future CVD events. 

Our Associate Medical Director, Dr Mike Knapton, said: ““Under the previous guidelines, we only started conversations with people about preventing disease after they’d significantly raised their risk. 

By taking this new life-time approach, GPs and primary care professionals can better identify people who will benefit from prevention advice.

“It’s great to see the app gaining recognition from medical professionals. 

This is a clear sign that the tool is helping doctors to identify heart risks with their patients and is prompting healthier lifestyle changes.” 

To find out whether you're at risk click here and download the app.