Leave a gift in your Will. Something to think about

17 March 2014        

Our campaign to encourage people to leave us a gift in their Will launches today. TV, radio and online adverts will be on your screens and radios until 6 April.

The adverts feature three families who have lost someone to heart disease and one family who have experienced, first-hand, the benefits of our work funded by people leaving a gift in their Will.

Jo's story

Jo Kelly, who features in the TV ad, pledged to leave a gift in her Will to us in memory of her two daughters. She said: “We lost our first daughter, Sarah, when she was just a baby. Our second daughter, Laura, collapsed and died in London, just three days before her 21st birthday.

"As tragic and heart-breaking as her death was, I take some comfort in the fact that Laura was happy when she died. Her last words to me were ‘I am having such a lovely time and am so happy Mum’ and she was surrounded by the people who loved her most. By leaving a gift to us in my Will, I hope I can help other families stay together in the future.”

Find out about making a gift in your Will

Sarah Dalling, our Legacy Marketing Manager said: “It is thanks to people like Jo leaving gifts in their Wills, that the BHF is able to continue its fight for every heartbeat. 

We want to thank people for supporting us in this way and we encourage others to think about what a gift in your Will could help us achieve in the future.”

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