Cycling champion gives his top tips for London to Brighton

12 June 2014        

Andy Tennant

With our London to Brighton Bike Ride just round the corner, our Cycling Champion, Andy Tennant, has five questions for you to think about before Sunday’s ride.

    1. Have you got your cycling shorts?

    Lycra may be daunting at first but the padding will make the whole cycling experience a lot more enjoyable!

    2. Have you got your helmet?

    Not only is it important for your safety but it also can be a good weather protector.

    Top tip: Helmets with peaks are particularly good to shield you from rain or even branches when riding off-road

    3. Is your bike in tip top condition?

    Make sure you check your tyres and brakes ahead of the ride, and remember to have a repair kit with you for the day in case of any punctures.

    4.What are you having for dinner on Saturday?

    Make sure you’ve eaten a decent meal before your ride but don’t pig out! Keep it simple. Rice and chicken would be a good idea.

    5. Have you got snacks for the ride?

    Throughout the ride, make sure to keep eating to keep your energy levels up. Whilst there will be food and drink at refreshment stops along the route, it’s a good idea to also carry foods with you that you can easily nibble on such as cereal bar, gels, bananas and energy drinks etc.

Most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy the ride. By taking on this challenge and fundraising you will be helping the British Heart Foundation in its fight against heart disease.

Next year the London to Brighton Bike Ride will be celebrating its 40th year. If you want to take part in this iconic event, you can register your interest now. If you don’t want to wait until next year, we have other fantastic bike rides to get involved with over the next few months. Why not take a look and find your cycling challenge?

Good luck!