Rising star in research

11 July 2014        

Dr Sarah Hsiao

A researcher we fund at the University of Sheffield has won the prestigious 'Young Investigator of the Year' award for her research looking at reducing the damage of stents.

Dr Sarah Hsiao at the University of Sheffield has won the Young Investigator Award at this year's European Society for Cardiology (ESC) conference.

Sarah's presentation on promoting healing in stented arteries impressed the judges at the meeting held in Barcelona this July.

Sarah, pictured with researcher Professor Paul Evans, said on winning the award:

“It was a real honour to receive this prize from the ESC. The next challenge for me will be to test whether the compound identified during my studies can benefit patients undergoing stent treatments”

Stents are used to expand and unblock arteries. They are used to successfully treat thousands of patients with heart disease each year. But the process of fitting a stent can lead to damage to the artery. Sometimes this can trigger the formation of dangerous blood clots which can block the artery.

Sarah’s research is looking at the development of new drugs to encourage the healing of arteries damaged by stents, and prevent these life-threatening clots.

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