Driving the fight forward with Giveacar

18 July 2014        

Give a Car

We are pleased to announce an exciting new development in our partnership with Giveacar, the UK's first car donation scheme.

For the next six months we will be one of Giveacar’s featured charities on their website.

The coveted spot is available to three charities at a time and provides additional exposure to their customers. Our presence on their homepage will make it easier for new customers to find out about us and how their donation could help fund our essential research.

How we have been working together

In the last financial year, Giveacar have raised over £12,000 to help us fund our life-saving research into coronary heart disease – the UK’s single biggest killer. These funds will help us cover the cost of a specialised incubator in which cultured cells are grown in ground breaking experiments.

One of our own researchers, Dr Rothwell, who also has a strong personal link to us, came across Giveacar while looking for a simple way to dispose of his vehicle:

“The BHF has played an important role throughout my life. They funded my PhD research in 1967, which was investigating the effects of dietary fats on ischaemic heart disease. I've always understood this was the first research grant awarded by the charity. Following the completion of the research I went into forensic science, where I spent most of my career.

“In 2004 I suffered a heart attack. This was a huge shock to the system as I had always eaten a healthy diet and thought I was very fit. I had bypass surgery and while in hospital I discovered a range of literature published by the BHF. This was well written and relevant, and proved interesting to me and invaluable to my relatives. Having recovered, I remain in excellent health.

“While looking for a way to get rid of my car, I discovered Giveacar and decided to give it a try. The whole process took no more than a couple of emails. I would recommend Giveacar to anyone who needs to dispose of a car without any effort, and the fact that BHF benefited from the transaction is an added bonus.”