Smart swaps for a healthier shop

2 January 2014        

Category: Survival and support

Supermarket shopping

A new Change4Life campaign launched by Public Health England is urging us to make one easy swap to help cut sugar and fat from our everyday snacks, drinks and meals this January.

The Smart Swaps TV adverts from Change4Life will focus on swapping sugary drinks to sugar-free options. By making this one change, an average family could cut up to 750 grams of sugar from their diet over four weeks.

While milk and dairy products are great sources of protein and calcium, families looking to make healthier choices could also swap whole milk for semi-skimmed milk, potentially saving up to a third of a pint of fat over four weeks.

There are five simple Smart Swaps to choose from:

  • Sugary drinks to diet, sugar free or no added sugar drinks
  • Cheese to reduced fat cheese
  • Butter to lower fat butters or spreads
  • Sugary cereal to low sugar cereal e.g. plain whole wheat cereal biscuits, plain shredded whole grain or plain porridge
  • Whole milk to semi-skimmed; or semi-skimmed to 1% fat or skimmed milk

Our Senior Cardiac Nurse, Julie Ward, said: “When January comes around, we often feel like turning over a new leaf - many of us will have started 2014 with a resolution to hit the gym or start a new diet. But there are small swaps we can all make to improve our health, which are easier to stick to.

“Some snacks and drinks are high in sugar and saturated fat, which can increase our risk of obesitydiabetes and cardiovascular problems like heart attack and stroke. Swapping some of your everyday items for healthier options could make a big difference to the amount of sugar and fat in your diet.

“If you normally opt for whole milk, try semi-skimmed. Or if you often reach for a can of fizzy drink, try a sugar-free option. These simple swaps, as well as making sure you get plenty of exercise, are a great start to a new year and a new, healthy you.”