Lords get behind our call to ban smoking in cars carrying children

30 January 2014        

Category: Survival and support

Cigarette on ashtray

The House of Lords has backed a Labour plan to ban smoking in cars carrying children, despite opposition from the Government.

Labour peers tabled an amendment to the Children and Families Bill detailing their proposal for England. 

Smoking was banned in England in workplaces and most enclosed public spaces in 2007 following similar legislation in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The law prohibits smoking in vehicles used for work.

Maura Gillespie, our Programme Director for Policy, said: "Quite simply, banning smoking in cars with children is about protecting the health of a future generation. In a car, children cannot escape concentrated second-hand smoke which could seriously damage their health.

“Exposure to second-hand smoke is a cause of heart disease in non-smokers. So, by having a cigarette in a car with a child, smokers could be unwittingly passing on the risks of their habit to their passenger – even if the window is open.

“Charity campaigners have long been calling for common sense to prevail when it comes to smoking in cars with children. Now the noise is coming from the House of Lords and we hope David Cameron will no longer be able to turn down the volume.”

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