Improving healthcare for heart patients

24 January 2014        

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Nurse with patient

Our Chief Executive, Simon Gillespie, blogs on what BHF Nurses and our innovative programmes offer.

While UK heart patients generally get good treatment and care in the UK, we know their experiences could be better – and could save money – if only the health service really listened to what we have to say.

We fund or support more than 1,000 dedicated healthcare professionals, such as nurses, who are specialists in their fields of heart health. Many of them work specifically on BHF projects to trial new ways of treating and caring for heart patients.

I’m proud to say we use these pilot projects to gather robust evidence showing better outcomes for patients and NHS resources, which we then present back to the NHS, showing just why it should change its ways and follow our lead.

The collective contribution of all of us is greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

We’ve got a strong track record and two of our care models have been hailed as shining examples of best practice by the organisation, NHS Evidence, in the last year alone.

Earlier this week, I gave a talk to NHS leaders at the UK’s Long Term Conditions Conference. It was a great opportunity to showcase the healthcare projects we fund to improve heart patients’ lives and save NHS money.

Charities bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, innovation and creativity to health and social care services. And we usually ‘get it’ from a patient perspective too. After all, most charities working in the health arena were started by people with a direct connection to the cause.

My clarion call to our health service is to work much more collaboratively with charities like BHF.

If we really want the best for our patients and the taxpayer, we need to recognise that the collective contribution of all of us is greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

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  • You can help in this collective effort by sharing your thoughts and experiences of heart services in your area.
  • Our Heart Voices programme helps heart patients influence services in their area. To get in touch, email [email protected].