New figures on weight should be catalyst for action

4 February 2014        

Category: BHF Comment

Feet on scales

Nearly two-thirds of people in England are overweight or obese according to new figures published by Public Health England.

The data showed that on average 63.8% of adults weighed too much.

Our Policy Manager Joseph Clift said: “These new figures hold a mirror in front of the country’s waistline and it reflects a very unhealthy picture. Put simply, too many people weigh too much.

“This should be a catalyst for action at a local and national level. The Westminster Government need to introduce consistent regulation for advertising unhealthy products on TV and online to stop food companies exploiting loopholes.

“Local authorities need to be designing towns and cities in ways which encourage people to be more active whether that’s by walking or cycling. They also need to ensure everyone has access to high quality green spaces where people can play sport or be active.”

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