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18 December 2014        


Thanks to your support we are the biggest funder of cardiovascular research at UK universities. Today the results of a major review of all university research were published and universities we fund are leading the field.

Eight out of the top ten universities receive significant funding from us for pioneering research into the many cardiovascular conditions, including heart attack and stroke. The analysis of the results, carried out by Times Higher Education.

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) that provided this information is a robust assessment of the quality of all research at UK universities. The results will affect future government funding of research at those universities. This process could therefore have a big impact on the research we are already funding.

The REF review panels looked, for the first time, at the social, economic and cultural impacts of university research. 96 per cent of the clinical medicine research had one of the two highest impact scores and we fund the majority of the cardiovascular research at those universities.

Commenting on the results, our Medical Director, Professor Peter Weissberg, said:

We can only fund research if there is a vibrant and well-supported university sector

Professor Peter Weissberg
BHF Medical Director

"These results clearly show that UK medical research is truly world-leading and having an enormous impact. Charities, like the BHF, are the major source of funding for that research.

"But we can only fund research if there is a vibrant and well-supported university sector. The REF findings provide a powerful argument for the next Government to maintain or increase its investment in science. 

"Government support is vital to ensure every pound donated to us is used to fund research that has as big an impact as possible."

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