Manchester launched as European City of Science

8 December 2014        

Researcher working at a lab bench

Manchester is a major hub for UK cardiovascular research and today was the official launch of its designation as European City of Science. 

With such a big investment in Manchester science, we welcome this important achievement.

Our Chief Executive, Simon Gillespie, said: “Manchester is one of the UK’s leading centres for cardiovascular research. The University of Manchester currently receives over £16 million of funding from the BHF so it is hugely gratifying to see Manchester be designated European City of Science.

“We hope the designation will help illuminate some of the groundbreaking research we fund in the city. We also look forward to working with the City Council and its partners to celebrate the cutting-edge science happening in Manchester to beat heart conditions and stroke.”

Our investment in Manchester

Manchester is one of the UK’s leading centres for cardiovascular research.

Simon Gillespie
BHF Chief Executive

We are the biggest funder of cardiovascular research at UK universities. The University of Manchester has received almost £42 million of research funding from the charity over the past 30 years and we currently fund over £16 million of cutting-edge science at the University.

There are currently two prestigious BHF Professors, Bernard Keavney and David Eisner, at the University. BHF Professors are world-leading researchers in their field who are driving major developments in fighting cardiovascular disease. 

Just last year BHF Professor Keavney led research that discovered a gene associated with ‘a hole in the heart’, which is one of the most common congenital heart defects. BHF Professor Eisner attended the launch on our behalf.

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