Patchwork care for heart failure patients

2 April 2014        

Doctor using a stethoscope

People with heart failure are not getting the care they need, according to a new study.

The research showed that there was an uncoordinated approach to diagnosis and treatment. Clinicians were unsure how to diagnose different types of heart failure and who had responsibility for managing the condition.

The study also found inconsistency in the test and services available to patients, and a poor awareness of specialist heart failure clinics.

Our Associate Medical Director Mike Knapton, said: “The picture this study presents is sadly one we are familiar with. Over the last decade, we’ve made great progress in helping people survive heart attacks. However, that has not been matched by the care routinely given to people with heart failure.

“The BHF has worked to catalyse improvement through supporting specialist nurses and projects aimed at pioneering best practice care. But if patients are to get the help they need, then health and social care providers need to knit together the patchwork of care they’re currently providing.”