Louise Hazel puts her team through their paces

25 September 2013        

Category: Fundraising

Louise Hazel running champion

Our Running Champion gives Team Hazel members a training session ahead of our Blenheim Palace 10k Run on Sunday 6 October.

With just under two weeks until the BHF Blenheim Palace 10k Run, I rounded up some members of Team Hazel and put them through their paces on Monday night. The weather was just perfect for an evening run and Hyde Park was a gorgeous backdrop for some serious hard work.

Running in group

We have all been building up to the 10k distance for the run next Sunday and used last night as a great chance to get together and swap training tips and stories. Running in a group is fun and means that you have someone get you through those tough moments.


I’m used to training, but for some it was definitely a shock to the system. When you train alone, you run at your own pace. When you have to match the speed of a group, it is a different story. It really made everyone step up their game and put in some hard work. I started the guys off with a light warm up to prevent any injuries – that is the last thing you want before an event. After dodging a few angry dogs we managed to get through a 40 minute Fartlek session (interval training at varying speeds). 

To the limit

Team Hazel can't wait to join in and do our bit to help raise much needed funds.

I wanted to build in some mental toughness so I incorporated a number of bodyweight exercises that pushed the group to their limits. If they can get through this type of training then the 10k will seem like a walk in the park!

We finished with a team stretching session overlooking the Serpentine, and I think they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed encouraging them!

Why we're taking part

More than 3,000 people are expected to head to Woodstock to take part in the Blenheim Palace run. Me and the rest of Team Hazel can’t wait to join in and do our bit to help raise much needed funds for essential research which could create a better future for so many.

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