Patient data will improve quality of care

16 October 2013        

Category: BHF Comment

Doctor discussing a patient

NHS England today set out the next steps to raise public awareness about - a programme that will use information to improve the safety and care of patients.

NHS England, together with the Health and Social Care Information Centre, says all 22 million households in England will receive a leaflet explaining how the new system will work and the benefits it will bring.

Professor Peter Weissberg, our Medical Director, said: “Our medical records contain critical information that can improve the quality of care heart patients receive and help medical scientists make life-saving discoveries.

“With the right safeguards in place to protect patient confidentiality, this new initiative will be of enormous benefit to patients and will help reduce heart disease in the future.

“The British Heart Foundation believes it’s in patients’ best interests to participate. We, therefore, support NHS England’s plans to inform the public of the benefits access to patient records can bring so that everyone can make an informed choice about participating.”