Working together to keep kids active

30 October 2013        

Category: Survival and support

Grandparents with children on scooters outdoors

What can we do to get UK children moving more? A new commission hopes to find the answer.

Today marks the launch of the first ever Commission on Physical Activity. We know the problems that physical inactivity in childhood can store up for later in life, so that's why we've given this commission our full support. Also getting behind it are the Premier League, the Lawn Tennis Association, and Nike, among others, as well as British cycling champion Mark Cavendish.

What's the problem?

Cyclist Mark Cavendish knows the benefit of starting young. He said: “I got inspired to get on my bike young and being involved in sport has become a massive part of my life. It’s so important that kids get active at an early age and create a sporting habit for life."

Being inactive can cause weight gain which can lead to serious future health problems. Sadly, around 30 per cent of children and young people are overweight or obese.

Despite this, a staggering 85 per cent of 13-year-old girls and 73 per cent of 13-year-old boys say they don’t do the recommended one hour of physical activity a day.

In a survey of over 1,500 parents of young children, 70 per cent admit their children do six hours or less of physical activity per week - less than the recommended 60 minutes a day.

What can we do?

The Commission on Physical Activity want to get UK kids moving, and they want your opinion on what should be done.

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