Supporting a Smokefree New Year

29 December 2013        

Category: Survival and support

Cigarette on ashtray

A new NHS Smokefree campaign to help people quit smoking by highlighting the damage it does to the lungs, heart and brain launches today and gets a thumbs up from us.

The hard hitting campaign will graphically show how every time you smoke, blood that’s thick and dirty with toxins circulates through your body, increasing your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The campaign will be shown on television and seen on billboards across England from 30 December until March.

Our Chief Executive, Simon Gillespie, said:

“Every cigarette you smoke increases your likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. But the risk to your heart health can be significantly cut by quitting. By showing the journey that cigarette toxins make through a smoker’s vital organs, this campaign will help people face-up to the harm of this deadly addiction in a way that could help them give up for good.

“With smokers twice as likely to have a heart attack as non-smokers, quitting could be the most important New Year’s resolution you ever make.”

Help to quit smoking

Smoking still remains the biggest cause of premature death in England, accounting for 80,000 deaths a year with half of all long-term smokers dying early from a smoking related disease.

But there is support available for those that want to quit. NHS Smokefree helps thousands of people quit smoking every year through a range of free support and information.

Our No Smoking Day campaign, on 12 March 2014, is another great opportunity to try and quit. More than a million smokers are expected to try and quit on the day.