Heart attack risk in younger women

13 December 2013        

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Women under 55 could be more likely to die from a heart attack than men in the same age group, according to researchers.

A Canadian analysis found that, although overall hospitalisation rates for heart attacks declined between 2000 and 2009, for women under 55 the rate was shown to rise by 1.7 per cent each year.

Researchers also noted that women under 55 had a higher 30-day mortality rate than men in the same age group.

Knowing about heart attack symptoms and risk factors is a good way to arm yourself for the battle.

Our Senior Cardiac Nurse, Amy Thompson, said: “Heart disease does not discriminate between genders – it can affect anyone. There are more than one million women living with coronary heart disease in the UK and this study reminds us that women should be aware of their heart risk.

“Many people assume heart attacks only happen to older men, but this research shows that younger women should take steps to protect their hearts.

“Knowing about heart attack symptoms and risk factors is a good way to arm yourself in case you ever have to face that battle. If you’re over 40, you can arrange to have a free health check with your GP to learn more about your risk.

“If you think you, or someone else, might be having a heart attack make sure you call 999 immediately.”