Do you drink responsibly?

22 December 2013        

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Alcoholic drinks

Many Brits rely on alcohol to de-stress on Christmas day with nearly one in five saying they drink more than normal to help them relax, according to a new survey by our Heart Matters free membership service.

De-stress drinking at Christmas isn’t just limited to people winding down after a hard year at work. More than one in ten retirees say they drink more to relax on the big day.

Drinking will also start early in UK homes on the 25th, with over half saying it’s acceptable to drink before lunchtime.

Through our Heart Matters membership service we’re urging people to enjoy Christmas while still considering their heart health.

Our Head of Heart Matters, Judy O’Sullivan, said:

“Christmas can be a stressful time for families, and it seems for some alcohol is the method of choice to relieve the pressure. Even though it’s only once a year – it’s important to look for other ways to relax, rather than automatically reaching for the bottle.

“Our Heart Matters service offers information and support, so people can make heart healthy choices, and perhaps wait until dinner rather than breakfast to start their holiday drinking.”

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