Powering our research

BHF researchers in a lab


Thanks to the fantastic generosity of our supporters, we’ve pioneered some of the most important medical research breakthroughs over the last 60 years.

Research discoveries 

BHF research has driven incredible advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart and circulatory diseases. Deaths from these diseases have halved in Wales since the 1960s.

Thanks to modern therapies built on BHF-funded discoveries, today in Wales 7 out of 10 heart attack victims will survive. 

But still more than 375,000 people in Wales have to live with the daily challenges of heart and circulatory diseases.

World-class research

As part of our world-class research programme, we are currently investing over £5million to fund research programmes and projects in universities in Wales.  

Read more about the work of our BHF Professor Alan Williams and his team based at Swansea University.