Making change happen in Wales

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We work hard to protect heart and circulatory health, and improve services for patients in Wales. This would not be possible without your support. Find out more about our campaigns and how to work with us.

 Our work in Wales

We work closely with key decision makers, other local charities, healthcare professionals and thousands of dedicated campaigners to fight against heart and circulatory disease.


We focus on:

  • Championing  prevention of heart and circulatory diseases through tobacco restriction and air pollution reduction
  • Ensuring heart and circulatory diseases are seen as a priority by government and the NHS
  • Promoting the work of BHF researchers and ensuring the Higher Education system in Wales is attractive and supportive to life saving studies
  • Advocating the inclusion of CPR training and other life saving skills on the Welsh curriculum to make Wales a nation of lifesavers
  • Working closely with government and the NHS to ensure the new health and social care plan for Wales supports the early detection of heart and circulatory risk factors, and delivers good quality, joined up care for people living with heart conditions.

Why we’re determined to make a difference

Heart and circulatory diseases cause around 8,600 deaths each year, that is more than a quarter of all deaths in Wales (26 per cent). An average of 24 people every day.


There are an estimated 375,000 people living with heart and circulatory diseases in Wales, which costs the healthcare system £446m a year.


Together, we can beat the heartbreak these diseases cause. With your support, we can influence change and protect the people you love. Your children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and closest friends.