Influencing and engaging

Demonstration of research racetrack game We work hard to protect heart health and secure better services for heart patients across Scotland, working in partnership with key decision makers, individuals and organisations. And with your help, we can do more.

We strive to be at the heart of decision making in Scotland to offer our expertise and experience, and champion the work of all those who are fighting heart disease. Working alongside the Scottish Government, members of the Scottish Parliament and local NHS Boards, we’re involved in so many ways – ensuring that our researchers have the best environment to carry on their life saving work; providing and protecting services for heart patients, and finding ways to reduce the risks of future generations developing heart disease. 

BHF Scotland is committed to tackling the big issues facing our nation today, from air pollution and improving cardiac arrest survival rates, to NHS service redesign and genetic testing for inherited heart conditions.

Thousands of our supporters have already helped us achieve changes that have improved the lives of everyone in Scotland:

  • banning smoking in cars where children are present
  • the introduction of standardised cigarette packaging
  • getting rid of cigarette vending machines
  • securing the right to cardiac rehabilitation for those who need it most.

What are we working on now?

  • BHF Scotland is currently supporting efforts to change the law on organ donation, so that more lives can be saved as more organs become available.
  • We’re funding a pilot project in the north of Scotland, covering NHS Grampian, NHS Tayside and NHS Western Isles, providing specialist nurses to improve identification of families affected by familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH). FH is a potentially deadly genetic condition that causes high cholesterol levels and a high risk of early heart disease, and is estimated to affect more than 21,000 Scots.
  • Through The ALLIANCE, we’re funding a three-year programme to implement House of Care, covering NHS Tayside, NHS Lothian and NHS Glasgow and Clyde. The aim is to focus care and support on people with heart and circulatory disease, looking at what’s important to them as individuals, providing personalised care and encouraging them to take more ownership of their health and well-being.

We all have a part to play in fighting heart disease, and there are a number of ways you can get involved. For example, you can contact your local media to raise awareness of important heart health issues, encourage your local members of the Scottish Parliament to get involved, or spread the word about our work on social media.

However you’d like to join the fight for every heartbeat, your support can help us make a difference.