Heart heroes

Fiona and Ewan Brown Around 680,000 Scots fight a daily battle with cardiovascular disease. Each one is an individual with their own story to tell, and has a family who are also affected.

Fiona Brown from Dundee was shocked to find out in 2012 that she had Long QT syndrome, a genetic inherited heart condition that can cause a dangerous disturbance to the heart’s rhythm.

“I had gone to my doctor for some basic tests, thinking everything would be fine. I was devastated to find out that I have Long QT.

“Because it’s a hereditary condition, we decided to have our two children tested. That was a very emotional time. We found out that our daughter had not inherited the gene, but our son Ewan tested positive.

“It was tough to get to grips with the news. We’ve always been a sporty, outdoors family and we’ve had to adapt. But we focus on the positives. I can still go for a run, as long as I’m sensible. And Ewan needs to live his life as normally as possible too, going swimming with school and going out on his bike. We work hard not to let it take over our lives.”

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