Saving lives

A hall of school children learning CPR Far too many people in Northern Ireland die as a result of a cardiac arrest.  We’re determined to change that, by creating a nation of lifesavers.

Call Push Rescue 

We provide free CPR training kits to local secondary schools and communities through our Nation of Lifesavers programme

Our training kits are a simple and effective way of learning how to save a life if someone has a cardiac arrest. Kits are available for schools, community groups and work places. 

In the last four years we have placed 24 defibrillators in Northern Ireland. 

Apply for our Nation of Lifesavers Community Package which includes a Call Push Rescue Training Kit and a part-funded PAD.

Community resuscitation in Northern Ireland 

We’ve invested over £450,000 in our Heartstart programme, teaching emergency life support skills in over 680 schools, workplaces and communities since 2008. 

We were the only charity campaigning locally for a strategy to improve community resuscitation. In July 2014, the Health Minister launched the first ever Strategy and we continue to work in partnership to fully implement the strategy and improve survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrests. 

Currently, 65% of all Northern Ireland secondary schools provide CPR training using either our Call Push Rescue or Heartstart training model.  We’re determined that every young person should leave school with practical CPR training.