Past winners

To get some inspiration for your nomination, take a look at some of our past winners: 

Inspiration Award - Ross Peters  


At the age of 21, Ross was diagnosed with an inherited heart condition and told he would need a heart transplant. Since then, he’s helped raise awareness of inherited heart conditions by sharing his story in the media. His positivity continues to inspire those around him – from his fiancée, a nurse who wants to specialise in cardiology, to his parents, who raised funds for the BHF at their 25th wedding anniversary.


Young Heart Hero – Mark Lynn 


Mark Lynn (7) from Ballymena has a heart condition that means he’s constantly in and out of hospital. But it doesn’t stop this little hero from raising over £2,000 - by doing a variety of fundraising for BHF NI and other charities.

My Healthcare Hero – Dr Abi Al-Hussani 

Dr Abi Al-Hussani is a cardiologist on a BHF funded research project into Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). She's researching this rare condition that causes heart attacks in young people. Dr Al-Hussani understands that having a sudden heart attack caused by a rare condition when you’re young, fit and healthy is a huge shock and comes with it many emotional responses and questions. So she's working hard to make life better for people with the condition - with one patient describing her as “the best thing that has happened to many SCAD patients in the UK.”