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Past winners

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of last year's winners and see what amazing things they have done to support us.

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Young Heart Hero – Maia India Wiggett

Maia and her two parents smiling for the camera

Maia Wiggett has had a remarkable start to her life. After she was born doctors diagnosed with a heart defect that stopped her body getting the oxygen it needed. A few weeks later, during an operation to help her heart, doctors found that Maia had a rare throat condition that stopped her breathing properly. In the months that followed, Maia had to endure three complicated operations and months of intensive hospital care. Yet through it all the young fighter demonstrated a phenomenal spirit that has seen her grow into a happy an active child.


Inspiration Award - Ross Peters

At the age of 21, Ross was diagnosed with an inherited heart condition and told he would need a heart transplant. Since then, he’s helped raise awareness of inherited heart conditions by sharing his story in the media. His positivity continues to inspire those around him – from his fiancée, a nurse who wants to specialise in cardiology, to his parents, who raised funds for the BHF at their 25th wedding anniversary.

My Healthcare Hero – Dr Abi Al-Hussani

Dr Abi Al-Hussani is a cardiologist on a BHF funded research project into Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). She's researching this rare condition that causes heart attacks in young people. Dr Al-Hussani understands that having a sudden heart attack caused by a rare condition when you’re young, fit and healthy is a huge shock and comes with it many emotional responses and questions. So she's working hard to make life better for people with the condition - with one patient describing her as “the best thing that has happened to many SCAD patients in the UK.”

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