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How it works

The Heart Hero Awards are an opportunity to recognise the committed individuals who give us so much of their time and energy to help beat heart and circulatory disease.

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Thank you for your interest in nominating someone for a Heart Hero Award. To comply with data protection and contact preference requirements, we’ll need to contact your nominee to agree they’re happy to be nominated before you can complete a nomination form.

If you’d like to nominate someone for a Heart Hero Award:

  • Read all the awards criteria and decide which award or awards best fit the achievements of your nominee.
    Please choose whatever you feel is the most suitable category – and don’t worry if you’re not sure. Some nominees may fit more than one category, so we’ll ensure all nominations are considered for the most appropriate award.
  • Fill in your details and the details of your nominee.
    We’ll contact your nominee to confirm they’re happy to be nominated, and once we’ve done this, we’ll send you a nomination form to fill out. If your nominee is under the age of 18, provide us with their parent or guardian’s contact details.
  • Complete the nomination form and send it back to [email protected]
    When filling out your nomination form, remember it’s really important to include as many details as possible, and to emphasise your nominee’s achievements beating heart and circulatory diseases wherever you can. Spend as much time as possible on your nomination, avoid one word answers, and try to be clear and concise.

Your nominations will be judged on how well your nominee has met the criteria in the award category, so please read through this carefully, and refer to it in your nomination.


  • All complete nominations received by the closing date of 4pm Friday 1 March 2019 will be considered for a Heart Hero Award.
  • Nominations will be shortlisted by a panel of staff from across the British Heart Foundation who will ensure all shortlisted nominations meet the award criteria.
  • An independent panel of external stakeholders will select the winners from a shortlist in each category.
  • Three shortlisted finalists in each category will be invited to the BHF Heart Hero Awards Dinner in London at the Underglobe – next to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – on Friday 20 September. We’ll announce a winner in each category at this event, and these winners will be presented with their award by our Chief Executive Simon Gillespie.


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