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It's all connected 

Your circulatory system is made up of your heart and a network of veins and arteries that transport blood around the body. 

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Why blood flow matters

All of our organs rely on a normally working heart and circulatory system to supply blood that carries oxygen and nutrients. If anything goes wrong with this system, the consequences can be devastating. Conditions like stroke and vascular dementia for example are caused by problems with blood flow to the brain.

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Shared risk factors

Diabetes is caused by your body not being able to process glucose properly. This causes damage to your blood vessels and stops blood from flowing properly around the body.

Heart and circulatory conditions have more in common than you might think, as our Medical Director, Professor Nilesh Samani, explains:

Heart and circulatory conditions are connected. They share many of the same risk factors. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure are both risk factors for coronary heart disease, stroke and vascular dementia.
Professor Nilesh Samani, Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation

Seeing the whole picture

In the decades since we were founded in 1961, we’ve learnt a lot about the heart. The more we’ve learnt, the more we’ve established the connections it has to the rest of the body. And the more we’ve understood the importance of looking at the whole body to find preventions, cures and treatments. With research, we’ve improved and saved the lives of thousands of people with heart disease. 70 percent of heart attack sufferers now survive. It’s time to change the story for stroke and vascular dementia.

Unlocking preventions, cures and treatments

Thanks to our research, today more people than ever survive heart and circulatory diseases. But these conditions still cause heartbreak for millions of families – killing 1 in 4 people. We will change that.

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