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Why blood flow matters

Your body holds a 60,000 mile network of blood vessels, with your heart at its centre. But if anything goes wrong with this system, there can be devastating consequences. 

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We fund research into heart diseases, stroke and vascular dementia. Watch our advert which joins the dots between heart and circulatory conditions.

All the characters in our advert have been inspired by real stories. Read Jack, Michelle and Wayne's stories to learn how heart and circulatory diseases have affected their lives. 

Unlocking preventions, diagnosis, treatment and cures

In less than 60 years, research has revolutionised our understanding of the heart. It’s allowed us to save and improve the lives of millions of people affected by heart disease. Despite how far we’ve come, heart and circulatory diseases still kill one in four people in the UK. That’s heartbreak in every home - mums and dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents and friends. But if research can invent machines to restart hearts, fix arteries in newborn babies, build tiny devices to correct heartbeats, and give someone a heart they weren't born with - imagine what's next. Our research is how we change the story. It’s the promise of future preventions, diagnosis, treatments and cures. And it’s how together, we beat heartbreak forever.

Heart and circulatory conditions are connected. They share many of the same risk factors. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure are both risk factors for coronary heart disease, stroke and vascular dementia
Professor Nilesh Samani, Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation

Donate to fund more life saving research

From heart diseases and stroke to vascular dementia, we raise money to fund research into all heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors. Every breakthrough we’ve made has been funded by people like you. So please donate today. It could help save someone you love in the future.


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