Secret Santa Gift Guide

Official Secret Santa Stockist Stamp

Get off the naughty list and do your Secret Santa shop with us. We have a great range of items at our shops to suit all office personalities.

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Mug with a crown and text reading 'His Lordship'For the Boss

Our brand new 'His Lordship' and 'Her Ladyship' mugs will keep your boss sweet and ensure you don't mess up your promotion.



For the fashionista

Discover a range of sparkly clothes, jewellery and accessories and keep your fashionable colleague fabulous this Christmas.


A pair of gloves which can be used on a touchscreenFor the social media fanatic

Leave fingerless gloves in the 80s, we have new touchscreen gloves to keep them tapping their frosty morning Facebook updates.


For the globetrotter

Our shops have travel book sections with a choice of pre-loved books that will help inspire their next adventure.



For the Christmas enthusiast

These new Christmas tree earrings available at all our shops will help them spread the festive spirit and look great with their PC fairy lights.


For the music buff

Spread the joy of music, Christmas themed or not. All our shops have music sections including Vinyls and CDs to suit every taste.


For the work wife

They had your back in that important meeting so show your work BFF how much you care with one of our new friendship plaques.



For the office party twinkletoes

Help your twerkmates learn some new moves with a dance DVD, they'll be centre stage at the Christmas party.

Secret Santa Planner 

Snowbody loves Christmas like we do, so we’ve made it really easy for you to organise your Secret Santa and encourage your friends and colleagues to shop for a great (Santa) cause. Simply download our planner, fill in the names of your participants and distribute in the usual way. Secret Santa… Sorted.

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