Max McMurdo's upcycling project

Max McMurdo

Max McMurdo is a British designer, upcycler, entrepreneur and TV presenter. He took on the challenge of upcycling a bedside table from one of our stores into something completely different.

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Max McMurdo:

“As an upcycler and ambassador for Frenchic Furniture Paint, I felt I could really add value to this project and showcase how striking results can be garnered by using high quality and eco-friendly chalk paints such as Frenchic.

Upon visiting my local BHF store, I found a bedside table which I was keen to transform into a wine rack. Having a prominent feature in your home makes for great conversation starters with guests and telling the journey from bedside table to wine rack will hopefully inspire others to give upcycling a go too.

The project was immensely fun to work on and my tutorials showcase just how easy it is to pop into your local BHF Home store, find an item and create stand-out home accessories with the right tools.”

Find out more about Max on his website, and his company Reestore.

Frenchic Furniture Paint

Tin of Frenchic paint and paintbrushesFrenchic Furniture Paint was founded by Pam Gruhn who was inspired to bring old furniture to life and created a natural and eco-friendly paint line which requires no stirring, shaking or addition of water.

Quickly becoming a global force-to-be-reckoned with, the selection of high quality chalk and mineral paint perfectly coincides with the upcycling revolution, helping DIY enthusiasts give old or unused furniture and entirely new look.

Whether you’re looking to transform a dresser or dining table, Frenchic Furniture Paint offer a wide and wonderful range to get the best from your upcycling project.

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