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Upcycling with Annie Sloan

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Why are you supporting the Reuse Revolution?

The Reuse Revolution is a common sense campaign; saving furniture from landfill, saving families’ money, and supporting lifesaving charitable work. It’s win, win, win. 

Tell us a bit more about Annie Sloan and your Chalk Paint invention?

I invented Chalk Paint ™ as a full time working mum to three young sons. My problem was needing to transform furniture and interiors quickly – I needed to paint myriad materials, from straightforward wooden pieces to metal, glass, brick, and beyond. Chalk Paint ™ was the solution!

It’s a paint that goes on virtually any surface without the need for laborious priming and sanding, that can be mixed to create any colour, that can create hundreds of different decorative effects, and that dries quickly. Chalk Paint™ projects can be started and finished within a day. Just whack on your favourite colour, leave to dry fully and then Wax or Lacquer to protect.

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What advice would you give to someone about to start their own upcycling project?

My advice is not to overthink it! The only regret you’ll have is not having done it sooner. If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with what you achieve, simply paint over your first attempt. If you’re going for a bold design, it’s always worth sketching out a rough plan first to see how the colours, techniques and shapes you want to use will work all together.

Upcycled chest of drawers and chair

Any tips on upcycling furniture?

If you’re buying from the BHF you can be sure what you’re buying is a structurally sound piece that probably just needs a little bit of TLC to be the perfect addition in your home! Try to buy only furniture that you need or upcycling things you already have to avoid over filling your house with furniture you don’t necessarily need or want.

What is your favourite piece of pre-loved furniture in your home?

I have so many favourites it’s really hard to pick just one! I love this chest of drawers which lives in my home in Normandy because it was a very ordinary bit of furniture and we made it into a real statement piece! You can read my step by step guide explaining how to get this look.

Do you have a connection to the BHF and the research we fund?

Yes, my father died of a heart attack aged 73. It’s such an important cause.

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