Recycling in our shops

A man in a wheelchair looking at records in one of our shops

Each year we stop thousands of tonnes of household objects going to landfill. By selling your donations to raise funds, your local shops are recycling over 100 million items a year.

Recycling unwanted items

Any books, clothes or accessories which can't be sold in our shops are passed on to other organisations that can re-use or recycle them, so we still make money from them.  

We believe in recycling

As an organisation we believe in recycling. From our carrier bags to our greeting cards, we use the recycled materials in our stores where possible. 

  • All of our donation bags and carrier bags are made approximately 25% recycled plastic.
  • Our greetings and Christmas cards are printed on FSC, chlorine free woodpulp from carefully managed and renewed forests.
  • Our wooden furniture is sourced from sustainable forests.


Join the fight for every heartbeat and donate your unwanted items to us. You can drop off any unwanted things at our shops, donation points, or arrange a free collection for larger items.

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