Prepare for your collection

2 men carrying a sofa

Thanks for booking a collection with us, your support helps us to continue our life saving research. There are a few things you can do in advance to prepare for your collection which will help it go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

For all items being collected:

  • Make sure that the hallways which will be used in your house are clear for our drivers to walk through with the items that they are removing
  • If you are able to, place the items which we are collecting as close to your front door as possible
  • Have your items ready for collection by doing things such as emptying wardrobes of clothes and removing books from bookcases.

For large items of furniture such as beds:

  • Dismantle the item, this is especially important if the item is unlikely to fit through your front door
  • Package screws or bolts from a dismantled item in a bag and attach to the relevant item
  • Include the furniture assembly instructions.

For electrical items:

  • If you are donating a washing machine or dishwasher make sure it is already disconnected from the water supply and drains
  • Make sure that a freezer we are collecting is already defrosted by the time our drivers arrive
  • Include the operating manual if you have it.
If you have additional items to donate such as clothes or books please pack them up in a bag or box.