There are bags of reasons for a clear out

From saving lives to helping the environment, getting rid of excess stuff in your home can do a world of good.

Here's just a few reasons to help get you motivated.

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Why have a clear out?     

  • Value your things more: Keep what you love, donate those you don’t. They will be treasured by someone new!
  • Less is more: Fewer things in your home/wardrobe, means less to maintain, clean, organise or stress you out
  • Declutter and do good: Giving away your unwanted things will give you more space and peace of mind. You will also help to save lives too.

Why support us? 

  • In the UK, every 3 minutes a family loses a loved one to heart and circulatory disease
  • Every pound raised, every minute of your time and every donation to our shops, will help make a massive difference and help to fund life saving research.

Donating with us is easy      

  • You fill it up: Use our free bags or reuse your own bags and boxes to donate your unwanted items
  • We pick it up: Book a free bag collection from your home on 0800 915 3000 or deliver to your local high street store
  • Gift aid tops it up: Adding gift aid to your donations boosts your contribution by 25%. This means you are helping fund more life saving research at no extra cost to you.

Our top tips        

  • Share the process: Ask a friend or family member to help! It’s easier to be objective about someone else’s things. Then return the favour.
  • Be realistic: If you don’t love, wear or use it, donate it!
  • Sort for success: Use the handy dividers in this clear out pack to categorise/organise your donations
  • Two too many: Question your need for so many of the same thing, and bag up the extras.
  • Celebrate the change: Take a before and after shot to assess the impact you have made on the area you tackled.

Order free donation bags