Soma's Story

Soma Your bags will help us fund life saving research into risk factors for coronary heart disease to help people like Soma, who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease run right through Soma's family, causing heartbreak. She says: "My dad was only 49 when he had a massive stroke and died. His father also had a stroke. My uncle and two aunts have diabetes."

She says: "I'm trying to keep myself well for myself and my son. On some days I am very tired and in pain and I don't even feel like cooking. Mohul has to help me with the housework sometimes."

Her condition means that controlling her blood sugar levels can be a challenge. She recalls a time when her blood sugar went very low and she was slumped on the sofa, feeling very drowsy.

Mohul called his dad to say: "I can't wake Mummy up."

She says: “I could hear him but I couldn't respond. I always keep a bottle of Lucozade and Mohul gave me some of that. He poured it and gave it to me with a straw. With his help I regained myself enough to sit up. He was only eight. Mohul knows all about my food and medication. He has to know in case of an emergency."

Soma has a low-salt and low-fat diet to keep herself as healthy as possible.

She says: "I do have a fear about my child. Because I know my father died at a very young age, so I do carry that fear with me."

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