Rosabella Riddington

We caught up with Rosabella to found out where her love of sewing comes from and asked for some upcycling advice too. 

How did you get into making and upcycling your own clothes?Rosabella Riddington

I’ve been sewing my own clothes since I was 15, but I started making little bags and customising t-shirts when I was even younger. I’ve always loved clothes and I find making them myself so fun and relaxing; a real creative outlet!

What is the best piece of clothing or accessory you have found in a charity shop?

My favourite thing to pick up from charity shops are vintage tablecloths and curtains to transform into new clothes. I also love picking up vintage sewing patterns whenever I can.

Why are you supporting The Big Stitch campaign?

The British Heart Foundation is such an inspiring charity and it’s a real honour to take part in The Big Stitch campaign. I also feel strongly about the importance of reuse and moving away from ‘disposable’ fashion. I hope the campaign will encourage people to get creative with good quality second hand clothes and have fun with their wardrobes, all while supporting a fantastic cause.

What advice would you offer on upcycling clothing to a beginner?

Be fearless and don’t start with anything too precious. I have definitely learnt the most though the mistakes I have made. Fashion should first and foremost be fun and make you feel fantastic. 

What is your favourite tool in your sewing box?

My unpicker!