Frequently asked questions about our World Record attempt

Which world record is the British Heart Foundation trying to beat?

The record we are attempting to break is for the longest chain of paper hearts. The record currently stands at 8,525 hearts and is held by a charity in Singapore.

When will the world record attempt be and where?

The event will be around Valentine’s Day 2018, Wednesday 14 February. It will be at a central London venue and a team of BHF supporters will come together to string up the chain alongside families affected by heart disease, celebrities and other invited guests.

What will the final chain look like and how long will it be?

The chain will be over a mile long and filled with Love Notes, each written with a personal message. Red ribbon will be used to join the hearts through holes punched in each of them and strung up in sections. Then each section of the chain will be tied together to form the complete chain.

Why is the British Heart Foundation doing this?

This is a chance for our supporters to get involved in something a bit different, by writing on a heart and being a part of the world record challenge. We hope that the attempt will also gain coverage in the press and on social media, raising awareness of the impact of heart disease.

Can I be involved in the world record and also have a note in the shop window?

Yes - if you buy a £2 Love Note to be used for the World Record we can give you a £1 Love Note free of charge to be used in the shop window.

How can I follow the campaign?

You can follow us on our social media channels to keep updated with the attempt. You may also be able to follow the attempt in the news.

Why does it state in the terms and conditions that not all world record attempt hearts may be used?

We would like every World Record love note sold to be included in the final chain, however some hearts may miss the final deadline and there are limitations on the number of hearts that can be joined in the chain.

What happens to the money raised during the attempt?

All proceeds raised for the Word Record attempt will go towards funding our life saving research.