Tips on upcycling and tailoring clothes

Jax Black, from London College of Fashion

Think about the style you want to achieve and be open-minded

Whether it’s a lace collar or putting your own style stamp on a denim jacket with graffiti or badges - think of the trend you’re looking to add to your wardrobe so you have a clear vision before you start purchasing. By being open minded, it’s possible to incorporate your desired trend to alternative items such as a pair of jeans instead of a denim jacket – achieving a similar and wearable style.

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Jamie Kemp, from The Great British Sewing Bee

What are your top upcycling tips?

There is so much amazing fabric, material and resources which are donated to the BHF every day that upcycling is an amazing way to create what you really want. Take a simple item and think how it can be re-purposed to suit you. Don't waste what is already available and do something different.

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