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Keeping a gluten-free diet balanced

Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor explains how to keep a gluten-free diet balanced and heart-healthy.

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Diet myths debunked

Meat-eater, vegetarian or fish-lover? Whatever whets your appetite, you can still have a heart-healthy diet.

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How to get protein without the meat

Eating more protein doesn't have to mean eating more meat. Here are 10 high-protein foods that can boost your intake and help you maintain a heart-healthy diet.

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How much sugar, salt and fat are in your sauces?

From ketchup to brown sauce, soy sauce to pesto, we love adding flavour to our food. But there can be hidden health hazards, as Hannah Forster explains.

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Dieting myths

Learn about some of the most prolific dieting myths and fake diets. We also cover the warning signs of common dieting myths such as skipping breakfast, restricting food, denying all treats, not eating past 8pm, losing weight from one part of your body, carbs, snacking, intense exercise, low fat options and certain foods that help burn fat.

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Store cupboard meals

Good cooking starts with a versatile store cupboard, whether you’re packing kids off to university or brushing up on your own skills, explains our senior dietitian.

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Easy freezer meals for one

Watch Sue and Julie create 10 healthy home made ready meals in one go - proving that heart healthy food can be quick, cheap, easy and good for you.

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6 myths about fish

Fish is good for your health – so why don’t we eat more of it? Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor busts some of the myths that put us off eating fish.

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7 easy ways to add more fibre to your diet

We've got seven simple swap suggestions to help you make sure you're getting enough fibre as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

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