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Can earlier treatment of an abnormal heart rhythm disorder prevent strokes?

A clinical trial is being carried out across Europe to find out if earlier treatment of patients with a common heart rhythm disorder – atrial fibrillation – can prevent them from having strokes.

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Researchers investigate cause of stroke linked to dementia

We're giving researchers at the University of Cambridge a new £1 million grant to search for the genetic causes of a type of stroke affecting around 35,000 people in the UK each year. The new research into lacunar stroke is being announced as part of our efforts to mark World Stroke Day.

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Stroke and atrial fibrillation: Paul's story

After suffering a stroke and atrial fibrillation, Paul Brimble has returned to work and is back behind his beloved drumkit. He tells Sarah Brealey how he's now making the most of life.

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A stroke as a teenager: Mark's story

Mark Flood was just a regular teenager when he had a stroke. He tells Sarah Brealey how it affected his life, and how cardiac rehabilitation helped him continue his dream career.

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Migraines linked to heart disease and stroke

New research has claimed that this will increase your risk of death from heart disease and stroke. We analyse whether this is scare-mongering or something to take seriously.

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High blood pressure during pregnancy increases risk of heart attacks and strokes

Women who have high blood pressure during their pregnancies, or a related more severe condition called pre-eclampsia, are at much higher risk of heart attacks and strokes than those who have normal blood pressure, according to new research we funded.

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Growing diabetes epidemic could trigger 'sharp rise' in heart attacks and strokes by 2035

According to our new analysis we are forecasting that the number of people suffering heart attacks and strokes as a result of their diabetes will rise by 29% by 2035.

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Regardless of your genes a healthy lifestyle cuts stroke risk

New research we've funded shows that people at high risk of having a stroke due to their genetics can still substantially lower their stroke risk by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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How to cope with eating difficulties after a stroke

If you’ve had a stroke, or are looking after someone who has, keeping nourished can be a challenge. Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor gives her advice.

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