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Number of known stroke risk genes tripled

An international team of researchers has identified 22 new genetic risk factors for stroke, tripling the number of genes known to increase stroke risk.

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Research into lacunar stroke and dementia

Lacunar stroke is a type of stroke that could be contributing to dementia. Sarah Brealey hears how Professor Joanna Wardlaw and her colleagues are tackling the problem.

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New treatment for stroke linked to dementia

We are funding an £850,000 trial at the University of Edinburgh into new treatments for lacunar stroke, a type of stroke linked to dementia.

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Recovery after a stroke: Lil's story

After a sudden stroke at the age of 49 Lil Sullivan's life changed forever. She tells us about how intensive physiotherapy and her love of art have helped her retain her sense of self.

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Medicine patch could revolutionise stroke treatment

A medicine skin patch could greatly improve the chances of someone surviving a stroke, according to researchers that we fund.

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Does migraine with aura increase stroke risk?

Our medical expert answers a question about migraine with aura and the associated stroke risk.

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How to rebuild confidence after a stroke

Andrea Outram explains how rehabilitation and support from her family helped her to regain her confidence after a stroke

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Active after a stroke: Margaret's story

Margaret Tunney had a stroke 18 years ago, and stays active to help reduce her risk of having another one. She tells Sarah Brealey how running and a healthy lifestyle help her enjoy life after a stroke.

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Potassium-rich foods cut risk of strokes and death for older women

Potassium-rich foods cut risk of strokes and death for older women, according to research.

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